Amie B.
April and Dr. Lohmann were fabulous, gentle, and understanding; they had me in and out quick, even though in addition to my cleaning, they discovered a cavity, took pictures of it, explained it to me AND filled it during my appointment. Great experience!
Amie B. Lohmann Dental Patient
Craig R.
Dr. Lohmann has always run a superlative office. He and his staff really do provide painless service (on those occasions when you need a procedure that, in lesser hands, would hurt). Their technical competence is always apparent. Plus they’re easy going and friendly. I have recommended Dr. Bill to many people over the years; it is the only place I would go.
Craig R. Lohmann Dental Patient
Kimberly B.
Dr. Lohmann is one of the most caring and kindest dentists I’ve ever had. A visit is more like visiting old friends. I’ve had severe pain and phobia with dental procedures my entire life. Dr. Lohmann is so understanding and gentle that there are just no words to describe how talented he is with pain control. I highly recommend Dr. Lohmann and his entire staff to anyone who is “terrified” of going to the dentist. I wouldn’t say that I actually enjoy the dental procedures but at least I no longer have a panic attack before/during the visit. Oh, and he does fantastic dental work as well!
Kimberly B. Lohmann Dental Patient
Richard L.
Going to the dentist was once considered a frightening thing to do! How things have changed. Keeping my thoughtfully scheduled follow-up visits helps me stay confident that my dental condition is excellent, and is always pleasant! My spirits are lifted when I see ANY member of the friendly, professional staff and, most particularly, April and Dr. Lohmann, as well as Fred! Y’all turned around what was a really deteriorated dental condition to a stabilized and thriving condition! I trust you 100%, and you live up to that trust! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Richard L. Lohmann Dental Patient
Jennifer O.
This is probably the best dental experience I have ever had. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Lohmann really cares about his patient’s dental needs and concerns.
Jennifer O. Lohmann Dental Patient
Nancy M.
Today was my first visit to Dr. Lohmann. I had a temporary crown by a previous dentist replaced with a new temporary crown and also a huge filling replaced. I required a good bit of Novocain and felt absolutely no pain at all! Dr. Lohmann was very informative and very gentle. I told him I thought I would rather stay there than go on to work! I definitely recommend him to anyone wanting the best quality and pleasant dental experience.
Nancy M. Lohmann Dental Patient
Terry B.
Dr. Lohmann and his staff provide the ultimate in patient-focused, up-to-date professional care. From the front desk’s attention to detail (Fred) to Dr. L’s highly attuned concern for patient comfort, the whole staff makes dental work (dare I say it?) a pleasure. No work is done until the time is right. I trust Dr. L and his staff and gladly recommend him to family and friends.
Terry B. Lohmann Dental Patient
Rob E.
Who says going to the dentist isn’t fun?

I always enjoy seeing April and going to work with that super-clean feeling in my mouth.

Rob E. Lohmann Dental Patient