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“Dr. Lohmann is one of the most caring and kindest dentists I’ve ever had. A visit is more like visiting old friends. I’ve had severe pain and a phobia with dental procedures my entire life. Dr. Lohmann is so understanding and gentle that there are just no words to describe how talented he is with pain control. I highly recommend Dr. Lohmann and his entire staff to anyone who is “terrified” of going to the dentist.

Atlanta’s Choice for Caring, Gentle Dentistry


Lohmann Dental in conveniently located on Peachtree Road in mid-Atlanta, just north of the 75 and 85 split. For over two decades, Doctor Bill Lohmann has been dedicated to delivering brighter, healthier and happier smiles to the greater Atlanta area. Whatever your dental needs, from expert dental hygiene to teeth whitening, we are here to help.


Dr. Lohmann has built a strong reputation for his gentle and caring approach. Dental work is not something most individuals look forward to, but we all understand how important this work is for our health, appearance and quality of life. At Lohmann Dental, we know how important it is to put our patients at ease and we will do our utmost to make your experience as relaxed and comforting as possible.


Earning a long-term relationship with patients goes beyond delivering top-notch, professional results. It also demands a focus upon the creation of an ideal dental experience and a high level of service for our clients. We have found that the key ingredient in accomplishing this is providing great communication between the patient, the Doctor and our team. We are there to listen, to understand your needs and to address any of your issues or worries directly.


Taking care of one’s teeth and oral health is a vital part of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Unfortunately, concerns of pain, inconvenience or financial strain can make taking timely steps hard. This is where our team makes itself valuable. What might be hard to do by yourself is a piece of cake when you have a caring team behind you to help make that task a simple one.


Give us a call today at (404) 352-5578 and schedule a visit. We welcome you and will treat you like family. Click here for new patient special