Lohmann Dental Proudly Uses Digital X-rays


Our office offers the latest in digital X-ray technology. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is that it delivers an 80% reduction in radiation over traditional dental X-rays. That is an impressive reduction and an even greater margin of safety for you the patient.

The radiation levels from traditional dental x-rays were much lower than those received from medical x-rays, such as from a chest exam. With the new technology of digital dental x-rays, we are able to lower the levels of radiation exposure even further.

Used sensibly and according to accepted guidelines dental X-rays are safe and a valuable tool for dental health.

The advantages of digital x-rays are:

  • Significantly lower radiation levels
  • Fast, almost instantaneous, images
  • You, the patient, can see the image–better understanding the teeth and any problems
  • Insurance coverage! Great for sending images and backing up claims
  • No film or processing chemicals
  • Greater image clarity and added color contrast


The “Digi-Doc Camera Wand” for Instant Viewing


Digital Camera Wand for Oral Examinations

The "DigiDoc" Wand Camera

One of the best benefits that digital X-ray technology provides is the capability to rapidly view the image with you. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this hand-held, digital camera wand allows us to go into your mouth and display, on-screen, exactly what is going on with your teeth. As you can imagine, this makes a huge difference in understanding problems and why treatment is necessary.

These modern tools have really advanced the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. Together with a visual examination, they allow the dentist to paint a complete picture and to make a full, professional judgment and recommendation of treatment. And, just as importantly, they provide the patient with a level of comprehension that was difficult to achieve with older technologies.


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