Triclosan in Toothpaste


According to Wikipedia, Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent found in numerous consumer products, including toothpaste. There have been no definitive studies to date that show health risks, but studies are being conducted by the FDA and Health Canada.

According to an article in, animal studies have shown that triclosan alters hormone regulation. Since there appears to be no testing on humans this can’t be considered a definitive finding.

Dr. Oz reports more on this: Other recent studies suggest that long-term use of products containing triclosan can increase bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics. He also mentions that triclosan can be absorbed through your mouth.

I agree with Dr. Oz. Use a triclosan-free toothpaste until the FDA has all of this sorted out. There should be plenty of options for toothpaste without this product. In reality brushing and flossing twice a day, even without toothpaste, is where you will get the most benefit for good oral health.