Your oral health is related to your overall health.  According to the article from the Mayo Clinic  “Oral Health: A window to your overall health”, not only can oral conditions contribute to other problems throughout the body, but the state of the your mouth can give clues about your general health.


Like other parts of the body, the mouth has many forms of bacteria, most of which are harmless.   Problems occur when conditions (often exacerbated by poor dental habits) cause too many of these bacteria to proliferate, causing tooth decay and gum disease.  Studies suggest that gum disease may play a role in other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.


But there is good news!  Oral health is something we can usually easily control with a few simple actions.   As mentioned in the article by the Mayo Clinic the following can go a long ways towards maintaining good oral health:

1.       Brush your teeth at least twice daily

2.       Floss every day

3.       Eat a healthy diet and limit snacks

4.       Get a new tooth brush every 3 to 4 months

5.       Visit your dentist regularly

As most of us know, being good all of the time is a very tough task.  Let’s face it, life gets in the way and oral health becomes a lower priority.  When you come to Lohmann Dental we will give you a thorough checkup and won’t make you feel guilty about the condition you may now find yourself in.  The solution is to take care of non-optimum conditions and get back to healthy teeth and gums.  That gives you another opportunity to maintain your health.

Here’s to your good health!