Pinhole Surgical Technique for Gum Tissue Grafting

Gum tissue grafts can be uncomfortable after the surgery.  The typical procedure requires a small swatch of tissue to be removed from the palate which is then placed over a prepared area of gum recession to essentially beef up the gums so that the root is protected and the recession will be slowed down to almost nothing.
The causes of these recessions can be varied, but most common are orthodontics, grinding or aggressive brushing with a harder than soft toothbrush.
I ‘ve learned about a new procedure which can be used in many cases where recession is significant.  It is known as the “Pinhole Surgical Technique” developed by John Chao, DDS.
In this technique, a pinhole is placed high up near where the end of the root is.  An instrument is placed in the hole to relieve the gum tissue toward the gumline.  Then the tissue can be relocated in a much more optimum position, secured by collagen where the papilla of the gums (the area between the teeth at the gum line)is located.
There are not that many dentists in the Atlanta area performing this procedure.  However, the results shown look great and the technique seems relatively easy compared to other surgical procedures for this condition.   There’s no cutting or stitches, which makes it less painful.   I will pass this along to my referral periodontists so that they can investigate this procedure and incorporate this into their arsenal for appropriate situations.