Perioscopy: A Conservative Approach in Periodontal Treatment


The future in deep scaling is here!


A technology developed 20 years ago or so has been improved and is now available for use in periodontal offices: Perioscopy.

This newly available technology utilizes a very thin light and scope which can be placed down the sulcus (the area between the tooth and the gum tissue as far down as it will go) and provide information to the clinician as to where plaque and calculus (tartar) exist and need to be removed. Up until now we relied only on tactile sensation to make sure all is removed, but the tartar can still exist and just feel smooth. Though efficient, this method just doesn’t get the fully desired result.


The scope is held in one hand, while the other hand operates the cleaning device. The technician can then proceed with the under the gum scaling while watching the scope. In this way the doctor has a good view of the area and can feel confident that all of the calculus has been removed.


So, what’s the advantage? The periodontist can avoid making an incision, cutting the gums, flapping back the tissue and do the procedure with a direct view. As you can guess, the patient has a much easier time with the procedure!

Dr. Bruce Edelstein, a Buckhead periodontist, is going to be one of the first doctors in Georgia to get this technology. I expect that he will have even happier patients!