Parodontax: A Toothpaste for Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a sign of inflammation and a low grade infection. In their natural healthy state, gums are pink, tight and don’t bleed. When plaque, which is concentrated bacteria, sticks to the tooth structure, the gums have an unhealthy tissue response to this bacteria. The gums will swell which makes bleeding much more likely. The plaque will also have an unpleasant smell due to the sulfide compounds present. To show this, floss your teeth and smell the floss–even with a poor sense of smell you can tell it’s bad.

The long term effect of untreated inflamed gums is bone loss, gum recession, loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. This is gingivitis (inflamed gums) evolving into periodontal disease with bone loss. This is the main condition that dentists are trying to prevent or at least minimize.

So where does Parodontax fit in? This product has sodium bicarbonate, sodium fluoride plus natural herbs. This formulation has fewer irritants to cause swelling and bleeding gums.

Dentists like adjuncts to their therapy, and this is a good one. But keep in mind that by itself no toothpaste will control periodontal disease. In dentistry we have lots of gadgets to help remove plaque: floss, picks, water floss, toothbrushes (both manual and electric), mouthrinses, etc. Some patients are not prone to periodontal disease, but for the rest of us, a regular trip to the dentist and his hygienist plus excellent home care are needed to control this disease.