Oraqix: A Wonderful Anesthetic for Conservative Gum Treatments 

Sometimes during a dental check-up patients learn they have gum disease.  This condition comes in various stages, with treatments ranging from localized deep cleanings all the way to full mouth periodontal surgery.

Dental Anesthetics

In more severe cases, when doing a deep cleaning (the non-surgical gum treatment), the area must be anesthetized just as if the patient was having dental work on the tooth. In addition, the palate side of the upper teeth may need to be anesthetized, and this can be significantly uncomfortable.


In the less severe cases, particularly where only 1-3 teeth are involved, plus 5 mm pockets (healthy is 3 or less), Oraqix can come to the rescue. This is an anesthetic consisting of lidocaine and prilocaine, and it’s dispensed as a gel right at the gumline. The gel will numb the area down the side of the tooth and provide 20-30 minutes of anesthetic. When it can be used, patients like it much, much more. If the patient is receiving traditional amounts of anesthetic but the gum is still a bit sensitive, this is a nice adjunct that can make up the difference in the anesthetic level for that area.

Another use for this is when a patient is having a crown procedure on the upper. I don’t usually numb the palate because this is particularly sensitive. But when a small cord is placed at the gum line prior to taking the impression, Qraqix can provide some relief from the discomfort of the cord placement.

There is one contraindication. Patients with congenital or idiopathic methemoglobinemia should not have this. This is a condition where one of the forms of hemoglobin has difficulty releasing it’s oxygen to the tissues. Other than this one, there should be no side effects. My opinion: this material is great!