Oral Surgery Enhanced by Platelet Rich Fibrin


Not too many years ago, if someone needed an extraction, they would go to the dentist, get numb, and have the tooth extracted. For many this works out fine. But for others there have been complications. For example, there may be additional bone that comes out with the tooth.   Or the sinus could become exposed for an upper molar extraction. And if the patient is looking to possibly have an implant placed after the surgery, care has to be taken to ensure there is enough bone to support an implant before it is placed.


One enhancement is to draw some blood from the patient, put it in a centrifuge which spins the blood into different components. One of these is called “fibrin” and it can be used to accelerate the healing and to help with bone growth.


I just attended a continuing education class sponsored by Georgia Regents University which included information on how this area continues to expand and may help with more complicated and compromised cases such as dental implant surgeries, complicated extractions and even trauma. They are a great resource for the residents of this state when it comes to treating difficult cases. The University is also active in research of dental materials and new techniques. I for one am impressed with the programs and results they are having in Augusta.