New Orthodontic Technology


A recent innovation for tooth movement is called AcceleDent.


What is it?

The patient will wear a mouthpiece daily for 20 consecutive minutes. Using SoftPulse technology, small vibrations or micropulses go through the mouthpiece into teeth and bone surrounding the teeth, allowing the time for tooth movement to be greatly accelerated. If you’ve ever had braces, you know that having to wear them significantly less time can be a great development!

Does it work?

OrthoAccel Technologies, the owner of the product, conducted a significant amount of research before placing this technology on the market. They report that that the cells which breakdown the bone on one side where the tooth is moving and the build- up of the bone where the tooth had been (bone remodeling) is safely sped up.  (These are actions that happen with all tooth movement).

Any concerns?

One concern for orthodontists is: when teeth are moved too fast, a serious condition, root resorption, can occur. According to Wikipedia, root resorption is the breakdown or destruction, and subsequent loss of the root structure of a tooth. This is caused by living body cells attacking part of the tooth.   This condition appears at the apex (end of the tooth) when the root is severely shortened. The destruction can be so severe that the root totally resorbs and the tooth becomes loose and falls out. Nobody wants this condition!

I have had a few patients who have completed their treatment successfully in considerably less time with Acceledent, and they have been very satisfied with the result and the shorter amount of time to be in treatment.  As a matter of fact, I will be starting Invisalign treatment within the month, and the Acceledent is part of the treatment!