More on Dental Porcelain Breakage


I have a patient who had 3 dental implants restored on three teeth on the upper left side.  His dentist at the time decided to keep the 3 teeth connected so that when placed, all 3 crowns were cemented as one piece.

Last year one of the porcelain facings fell off in a place where bonding some filling material would be nearly impossible.   The goal is to give the patient something more esthetic without having to remove the implant crowns. That is a difficult task, and the crown in question for him was the middle one. One solution is to drill on the crown itself to make room for  a zirconium overlay type crown.  In a week or so when the crown comes back from the lab the crown can be cemented and all should be fine. It’s a surprisingly simple technique and works very well. This can also be utilized with large spans of bridge work when something is chipped. It should be more stable than the current products for porcelain repair with composite.