Lipstick Effects on the Shade of Your Teeth


As a dentist, I am always concerned about the shade of patients teeth. I have yet to hear anyone say that their teeth were too white. The predominant darkening colors are the gray shades and the yellow-orange shades.

One area that we do not deal with very often as dentists is lipstick. The lipstick that frames the front teeth can definitely effect the color, or at least the whiteness of the teeth.

If you check photos on the internet, for example, they have several photos that highlight the whiteness change with the difference in lipstick. If you are concerned with whiteness, this aspect if applied properly can make a difference for you.

One common theme is that a blue base to the lipstick will bring out the white colors. And on the other hand, the yellow or orange bases will bring out the yellow coloring of the teeth. It is very surprising to me how this actually works!

There is an interesting study by the National Institute of Health regarding the staining of a filling after the application of lipstick after getting a composite (tooth colored) filling placed on the front teeth. The main result of the study is that patients should avoid highly colored lipstick with ultra fixer. The numbers in the study were measured immediately after the fillings were placed, 30 minutes later, and 24 hours later. The main result is to avoid highly colored lipstick with ultra fixer after having a new white filling placed.