Gum and Tooth Tonic Works!

Gum and Tooth Tonic Works Well


In my office we do a non-surgical treatment of gums with a deep cleaning. These patients typically have developed gum disease with deep pocketing, inflamed gums that bleed easily plus plaque and often calculus (also known as tartar).  In other words, their teeth and gums are in pretty bad shape and our goal is to help save their teeth. The treatment involves remove this debris on the root surface down to the bone level. It can be quite uncomfortable to accomplish this and the patient usually has to be numb for this procedure.

After the procedure the patient must do certain things to help continue to keep the gums as plaque and tartar free as possible. Brushing and flossing are at the top of the list, but mouth rinses can create a better and healthier environment to keep the plaque out.

We use a chlorhexidine mouth rinse first. The downside to this is that it stains the teeth and fillings. Additionally there can be side effects and/or allergies to this product. In any case, after one round with chlorhexidine I switch patients to the Gum and Tooth Tonic.


Gum and Tooth Tonic is sold by the Dental Herb Company. The preparation was developed by a periodontist to provide a natural rinse that will be effective in assisting the health of the gums. I like this product so much that I have it in each of the treatment rooms in my office. Also they have a toothpaste that I think is natural and very effective which I use at home. If you are interested, check out the Dental Herb Company web page!