Your Medical Records and Privacy are Important to Us


In today’s world privacy is a large concern for most individuals. Thanks in great part to the world of the internet, an greater degree of openness has become a part of our daily life and experience


The privacy of your medical records remains supremely important to us. It is also a matter of the law: that) care and protection is taken with your personal information and that) your information is only shared under certain circumstances and with certain conditions.

At Lohmann Dental, we take your privacy seriously


We are compliant with HIPAA requirements and do not share your medical or personal information with any outside entity or third parties, except as expressly approved by you or in the rare case of a bona fide medical emergency.


In the case of referral to a dental specialist, (such as an oral surgeon) we do share necessary information directly with that medical professional. All medical professionals within our referral network maintain appropriate privacy procedures and are HIPAA compliant.


Your personal information is secure with us. We do not share or disclose information, for example your email addresses or phone numbers, with outside entities or third parties without your full authorization.


Click for downloading and viewing: Lohmann Dental Privacy Policy