Overcoming the 3 “P’s” of Dental Care


Not receiving the dental and oral care that one needs is most always due to one of the three “P’s”. These are are procrastination, pain and payment. We are here to do everything we can to be teammates in helping our patients to overcome those “P’s” and achieve excellent oral health, along with happy, bright smiles.


We pledge to be fully upfront with estimates of work and to fully assist you with any of the third party financing or insurance work needed to get the job done.

Methods of Payment:


We accept cash, credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express) and checks/money orders.


We also have third party financing available through ChaseHealth, Citi Health Card and Care Credit. Most of these plans offer zero-percent interest payment plans.


We are here to help you with whatever your financial questions, concerns or obstacles may be. With years of experience and relationships behind us, the chances are good that we can provide the answers and assistance you might need.

Dental Insurance:


We file insurance claims with all insurance companies, but it is important to note that we are not “contracted” or “in-network” with any insurance company. What this means is that IF your plan allows you to go to a dentist of your choice, then that plan will pay benefits for your visit here.


In general, most insurance plans pay 100% of preventative dental care and the out-of-pocket expense (co-pay) for cleanings, x-rays and exams is usually zero.


Each plan is different. For this reason, we will speak with an insurance representative to understand your benefits. Then we can fully discuss with you what your insurance company will pay for any needed treatment.


Please note that if a DMO, DHMO or HMO provides your dental services, then you will not receive any benefits unless you go to an in-network provider. In this case, you will want to review and select a provider from the list of contracted providers given to you by your dental insurance company.


We strive to make your dental visits as worry-free as possible. This includes staying on top of and monitoring the status of all outstanding claims. Should problems arise, we will take the steps to handle the issue promptly.


Should you have a second insurance policy (such as also being on your spouse’s plan), we will file with the secondary insurance carrier as necessary.


If you have a flexible spending account (FSA), you will be able to use this benefit for any dental expense not covered fully by insurance. We will provide any needed supporting documentation enabling you to file claims with your FSA plan. We can also assist in reviewing what type of expenses are and are not covered under your FSA plan.