Foreo Toothbrush: A New Electric Toothbrush

Recently a patient informed me she had purchased a Foreo Toothbrush from Nieman Marcus. I hadn’t heard of it, so it was time to do some research.

The toothbrush boasts of having a sonic pulse and a silicon design. There is also PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), a thermoplastic polyester. In other words, it’s a special kind of plastic. It is used as an insulator, non-combustible, and provide fibers in the toothbrush.   Other features include being hypoallergenic, has a gentle silicon surface on the bristles.

The toothbrush is easy to use, and you can use toothpaste on the head when brushing. It’s OK for use in the shower.

My patient said that she felt like her teeth did not feel clean after using it, and she wished that she had saved her money. When I looked online at reviews, there were others who expressed the same opinion of their experience. There were also many who were satisfied.

I was looking for Scientific research on this product, but it was sorely lacking. The other concern for me was the stiff price tag- in the $200 range. And the stores carrying these are Nieman Marcus and Sephora, the high end stores. As toothbrushes go, these are attractive to look at and comfortable to hold and use. I do like the hypoallergenic feature since toothbrushes are a haven for bacteria.

I would like to see studies to see how this product compares to non-electrical brushes and the more common electrical brushes like SonicCare and Oral-B in an independent evaluation.

I will not be running out to purchase one of these at this time, nor will I recommend this to patients. If independent research comes out announcing that this is really that good, I’ll have another look at it.