Effect of Dental Decay on the Gums

I recently had a patient come in for her cleaning and after 6 months her gums actually looked better.  One reason for the improvement is that  6 months ago I took care of some of her larger cavities.  Large cavities harbor bacteria and debris in the mouth, and the gum tissue simply doesn’t like that situation.   If the situation continues without treatment the gums can be chronically inflamed. Even with good home care, the plaque is still hidden in those little nooks and crannies of the teeth.

Healthy teeth and well done restorations are much easier for any patient to manage than broken down teeth and fillings, but sometimes a shortage of funds can cause patients to put off the treatment they need.  This costs more in the long run.

 We have third party financing to help get your teeth fixed.   This is now becoming a more common solution for patients to receive the care they need, when they need it.