Dentures, Implants and Bridges for Missing Teeth


There are many reasons why teeth are missing and need to be replaced. Accidents, infections and poor health all can be reasons. Thankfully, there are many solutions to replacing teeth, restoring both functionality and appearance. Depending upon the state of your oral health and your needs, your dentist will determine how to best proceed.

What are Partial Dentures?

The term “dentures” often refer to the replacement of the entire set of upper or lower teeth. While this is not unheard of, most individuals require restoration of a single tooth, or a section of the teeth. In these cases:

  • A dental implant is used to replace a single tooth
  • Partial dentures replace and fill-in for several teeth, a crown at either end of the gap will normally provide a “post” for support.
Can Anyone Get Dentures or a Partial Bridge?

While, as with any medical procedure, an examination and professional evaluation is required, the general answer is “yes, they can.” Particularly for those with weak bone structure or unhealthy gums, dentures are a solid option. These artificial teeth can work well, especially when well-fitted to your jaw and gums. They still must be secured with adhesive, and are prone to coming loose, but the dentures of today are a far cry from the problematic “false teeth” of yesteryear.

What is a Bridge?

Often the process of replacing missing teeth involves the use of a bridge or partial dentures and an implant or crown to either side for support. When several teeth are missing they can be replaced by 1) creating a stable “post” at either side of the gap with implants or crowns and then 2) attaching a “bridge” or “partial denture” to fill the gap. This gives a strong, stable restoration that will feel and function much like your natural teeth.

What Should I Do if I Need a Tooth or Teeth Replaced?

The first step is to have a through and professional examination and evaluation of your teeth and oral health. At that time Dr. Lohmann can best determine how to best restore your smile and functionality.

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