Dental Work and Breastfeeding
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Dental Work and Breastfeeding

There is some concern that during breastfeeding some of the chemicals or materials can get into the mother’s system and then into her milk, thereby causing a problem for the baby or infant.

Most studies show that all dental work is totally safe for the baby. I do have some concern regarding mercury, namely removing the mercury fillings. There is a mercury vapor that comes off the filling when being removed. Even using a rubber dam (a rubber barrier which is placed over the tooth to isolate the tooth during filling removal; it’s always used for root canal therapy) does not eliminate mercury being swallowed, even if a small amount. In this case the milk could be toxic.

I don’t necessarily believe everything I read and tend to be a little more cautious, especially with newborns. If you feel this way, you can pump and dump milk when you have a chemical change to your body which can affect the milk. Yes, it is true that the literature says that this is unnecessary, but is that really 100% of the time? So it may provide the mother with an extra level of comfort that her baby is a little safer from contamination.