Dental Teeth Makeovers for Actors in Specific Roles

What people will do for an acting role is amazing.  Boris Karloff( “The Haunted Strangler”) just took his dentures out!   Brad Pitt (“Fight Club”) removed his caps.  Ed Helm (“The Hangover”) took out his dental implant.  Nicolas Cage (“Birdy”) had 2 baby teeth removed.  And, Johnny Depp(“Pirates of the Caribbean”) had gold crowns put on.  These are some really dedicated actors!

An easier way to have a short-term dental makeover for a movie is to have a removable prosthesis made.  The makeover artist (usually NOT a dentist) will take impressions of the teeth from an alginate material (the material that an orthodontist would use to take impressions) and pour the model up in plaster.  After applying Vaseline to the model, acrylic is painted on the model followed by denture teeth that are shaped for the final look.  The prosthetic (that’s what any removable denture is called) is then polished, placed in the mouth and adjusted as needed.  In the movies “Papillon” and “Midnight Cowboy”  from the 1970’s, Dustin Hoffman wore a dental prosthesis that definitely changed his appearance.

For people who just want a quick smile improvement they can purchase a “Snap-on-Smile.”  This is helpful for people going on job interviews or want to socially more presentable.  It does not address any of the underlying dental problems.  Also it is not recommended to eat with these.

Veneers and crowns are the typical permanent makeover for patients.