Dental Insurance: Beware of the Obama Care Dental Rider

Starting at the beginning of 2014 we started to see a few patients who bought new medical insurance through the new ObamaCare insurance agents. They then secured the dental rider thinking that they would have more traditional coverage for their dental services.

What a surprise we had when the insurance paid almost nothing – less than 10% of the billed amount, and our fees are quite average for our area.

One patient had some fillings done and the benefits were also considerably below what a traditional policy would pay.

So, although the insurance purchaser is paying only $15-$20 per month for the rider, are the benefits worth this expense? I recommend that, if you don’t get benefits through your work or family member’s employment, look for some other solution. Individual plans are usually not very good and typically have 1 year waiting periods before they will provide benefits for any restorative work (fillings and crowns) if they pay at all.

Financing Dental Work

Dental practices may have third party lenders like Care Credit to help you to finance your dental treatments. This works for many people who can now spread the cost of their treatment over time.

The most expensive choice is to not get the dental work you need and we don’t want that.  Consult our office staff to understand all the options available to get the care you need.