Dental Insurance Alert – Ripoff Report


A family I have treated for years, recently came in for care after missing a couple of years. Both presented with a minor periodontal condition which required localized deep cleanings. When checking the policy, it turns out that they are covered until they are 19 years old. WOW! This is a procedure that is done almost exclusively on adults. So, it appears that this insurance company is being deceptive in their coverage.
Another patient came in during the last month who had a personal plan. The plan covered full mouth x-rays until the age of 19. This patient was in her 30s already and could not qualify for coverage. In addition, the late teens is usually the earliest time that a full mouth x-ray would ever be taken, leaving a very small window for this service to be delivered.

Insurance companies are in business to make money despite what is portrayed on television commercials. It is up to the consumer to determine what the policy is actually covering. BE WARY!