Crest Pro- Health: A Warning


A patient of many years, a medical doctor in his 30s, came in today for his cleaning. He has had some challenges with his gums in the past and is now on a regular 3 month recall program which seems to work well for him.

Today he had a LOT of stain on his teeth. His gums looked fabulous, which I attribute to his regular brushing and FLOSSING. Upon questioning, he has been using the Crest Pro-Health brands which he was not using 3 months ago.


After seeing the change in his teeth, I investigated Crest Pro-Health complaints online and found they are numerous. Staining is rampant and is even mentioned on the Crest Pro-Health web site. In addition there are many people who must be allergic to some component because their gums are ulcerated to a greater or lesser degree. There are even lawsuits that have come up from this.

From my experience, the whitening and tartar control components can cause sensitivity in more cases than I’d like to see. It is the first thing I ask when checking out sensitivity.

So, my recommendation is to try another product, and omit the whitening and tartar control components which cause more problems for more people than I think it is worth.