Colgate TOTAL Under Investigation


A few months ago I wrote a blog about the chemical “triclosan” which is found in toothpastes, and in particular in Colgate’s TOTAL.

If you are interested, the article can be found at which is listed in “Health Freedom Alliance.”

Some of the highlights of the article are:

  1. Inconclusive research about the safety of triclosan which has been made public only this year!
  2. Possible interference with hormones in the human endocrine system.
  3. Chemical has been removed from preparations of Sensodyne and Aquafresh.
  4. There are concerns that triclosan can cause cancer.

Natural Approach

You get the idea. This is a chemical that the dental industry can live without. I am steering my patients away from this. Surprisingly, Colgate owns “Tom’s of Maine” which is a more natural preparation and has a significant share of the market.

The state of Minnesota has now banned triclosan from many products. The prudent decision is to discontinue its use until exhaustive testing is done. We are confronted with many environmental pollutants and as a society we need to eliminate as many as possible.