Caring for Your Night Guard

Patients who frequently grind their teeth need a bite guard. Typically worn during sleep, the guard protects the teeth from further wear and helps slow down recession.  For proper fitting, see a dentist.  The investment is worth it long-term.


Keep your appliance (the night guard) in a case that pets can’t get to. That is a frequent problem that I hear from patients with pets!

Don’t leave your night guard in a hotel. It seems like I hear at least one person every year do this. They will usually not know that this is a valuable item that YOU will miss and like to have mailed to you.

At home, don’t keep your night guard in tissue paper. I have heard of people who have in-laws visiting, leave the appliance (this could also be an orthodontic retainer) in some tissue paper, and into the garbage it goes.

If driving in a car, check if the night guard can tolerate higher temperatures and sunlight. These can cause a problem and you should take the necessary precautions.

Also, different materials have different solutions that can be used for that particular material. It’s best to follow the directions for cleaning. All appliances when placed in your mouth will collect plaque and tartar just like your teeth. If you bring your appliance to the dentist when you have your teeth cleaned the hygienist will clean it for you.

I recommend a product known as Tri-Clean which does a pretty good job on these appliances until you make it to your cleaning appointment.