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Partial Dentures I have been a dentist for more than 30 years and have been fortunate enough to have several long- term patients throughout my tenure.  As these patients have continued to see me throughout the years, their dental conditions have changed, as well as dental technology available to help in treatment.  But through all the changes and variables, there has always been the constant goal of saving as many teeth as possible or to come up with the best solution when replacement is necessary.   Case in point: I  have a patient who...

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Dental Implant Difficulties   In 2006, a male patient age 47 presented with a fractured tooth on his upper left first molar. I sent him to my surgeon who extracted the tooth, did some bone grafting to help with any bone defects, and later had a large size implant placed in the site. A few months later I restored it with a crown, and all seemed to be fine. Four years later he appeared in my office saying that his implant fell out. This is usually a crown falling off of the implant, but in this case the implant had really fallen out. This...

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Tooth Loss: Alternative Medicine Considerations

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Tooth Loss: Alternative Medicine Considerations   I recently had a new patient, a female in her mid-50’s, who presented with deep decay on her first molar. After removing the decay the pulp area was exposed, and the space showed a pulp exposure that did not bleed. This usually indicates that the pulp is at least partially dead or totally necrotic. This patient is aware of alternative medicine considerations when it comes to teeth. Having root canal therapy would be a normal choice, but alternative medicine practitioners recommend...

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Interesting Case: Severe Tooth Pain from Biting on a Nail

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Interesting Case: Severe Tooth Pain from Biting on a Nail   Recently one of my patients, a 40 year old female, was eating at a restaurant and bit down on a nail that was in her food!   The result was severe tooth pain. The tooth in question was an upper second molar. Complicating the matter was a wisdom tooth behind this tooth that had  “supra-erupted significantly (this means that the wisdom tooth, instead of just erupting into a normal position in harmony with all of the other teeth for good chewing function, well, it has...

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Tooth Assessment: Extract of Try to Save

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Tooth Assessment: Extract or Try to Save   Patients come in with dental emergencies rather frequently. Sometimes the fix can be as easy as recementing a crown.   Many cases are clear cut.   For instance, when there is not enough tooth structure to build a filling or crown that will last at all, it must be extracted. Another case is when there is radiographic evidence of destruction to the root surface from possibly a fracture or other entities affecting the root.   But there are cases where a decision must be made on...

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Treatment Planning and Compromised Health

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Treatment Planning Dental Patients with Compromised Health   A 70 year old female came in a week ago.   She has had good dental care for many years up until only the last couple of years. When she came to see me, her crown had fallen off her first premolar (the tooth just behind the canine). After inspecting the crown, I saw a much bigger problem because the tooth structure was sitting inside the crown and there was no tooth structure left above the gum line to recement the crown. Before providing her the options for treating this...

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Interesting Dental Case with Mild Trauma   A patient of long standing came in last week with some concerns.  The work delivered to this patient over the years includes a 6-unit dental bridge in the upper anterior, a dental implant with crown on the upper left, and several fillings throughout the mouth. When he appeared he was concerned that there was a problem with the dental implant on his upper left first molar. He claimed it was sore, particularly when he was ready to go to sleep.  Fortunately I saw nothing wrong with the implant on...

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A Very Interesting Fractured Tooth Case with a Great Outcome

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A VERY INTERESTING FRACTURED TOOTH CASE WITH A GREAT OUTCOME   I received a text from a patient yesterday alerting me that he has a dental emergency – he fractured his front tooth off. I had him take a picture of the broken tooth and his smile to get an idea of what needed to be done. He had 25% percent of the crown left with a clean break, no pain. The tooth never needed any dental work prior to this Oddly enough he had been to the doctor only 5 days earlier with swelling in the area. He was placed on antibiotics and the...

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Difficulty in picking a Shade to Match Bleached Teeth

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  Difficulty in picking a Shade to Match Bleached Teeth   I new patient came to my office last week to get a dental implant restored.   This male patient has very large esthetic teeth but is missing his upper first premolar. Over the past several years he has been bleaching his teeth with white strips, and they look very nice. The tricky part for our ceramist is getting a shade to match the bleach shades. In fact, none of our shade choices from our different shades come close to this. These are the times we are especially...

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A Few Notes on Being Checked for Gum Disease

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A Few Notes on Being Checked for Gum Disease   I have been practicing dentistry for quite a while. Back when I was in school (the late 1970’s) we were taught to use the “periodontal probe” which is a thin metal measuring probe with millimeter markings. They can also be made of plastic. But the idea is to gently and quickly place the probe along the side of the tooth and take 6 readings around each tooth to measure the distance from the gum to the bottom of a where the probe stops. That is what the pocket is. In a...

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