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Fracture in a tooth: a case study   A patient in her 40s showed up in my office last summer. One of her complaints is that she could not chew on her lower right molar (#30), and the discomfort was persistent. I recommended that she see a root canal specialist, which she finally did almost a year later. The fracture was visible on a photo of the biting surface, and this extended to the back of the tooth between the teeth. The endodontist’s recommendation was to place a crown on the tooth, and he felt that there was a pretty good...

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Gum Disease in Younger Patients   Last week a new patient, in his early 20s came in for assessment and treatment.  After x-rays and periodontal charting, I determined that he had periodontal disease, in its early stages. Deep cleanings can go far in resolving such a situation and this is what I recommended.  His pocketing is 5 mm in the molar areas with red bleeding gums and bad breath all due to the accumulation of plaque and the response of the gum tissues to this irritant. In this particular case, a full mouth treatment of 1.5...

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Chipping Front Teeth   Front teeth can take a beating. A knock in the face with a baseball, a hockey stick, an elbow, etc. can result in trauma from as small as a chip to a large crack on the tooth that could even involve the nerve.   Treatment could be nothing or a filling of appropriate size.   Or it could be as extensive as a root canal or extraction on the extreme end.   Adults are less prone to sports accidents, but they can have some damage done to their teeth with just routine chewing.   This is more...

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Why is Care of Your Gums So Important?

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Why is Care of Your Gums So Important? Occasionally we have patients who come in with some cavities along with gum disease. They are eager to address the cavities but want to ignore the gum problems. Why are healthy gums so important? When gums are unhealthy the gum tissue develops inflammation which makes the gums red and tender, known as gingivitis. They bleed easily. And the bacteria causing this inflammation can get into your blood system and adversely affect your heart. The bacteria can also cause a gradual lessening of the bone between...

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Grinding Your Teeth: How Bad Can It Get?

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Grinding Your Teeth: How Bad Can It Get?   Many patients grind their teeth and stress is a frequent contributor to the condition.  Early signs can include wear on the teeth, gum recession and abfractions (tooth loss at the gum line due to the force of grinding).   Early treatment saves tooth structure and preserves a favorable bite. Treatments can include wearing occlusal guards (bite guards that protect the teeth from grinding), adjusting the bite or orthodontics.   Another kind of trouble, which comes with aging, is...

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Dental Treatment Plans: Don’t Take Forever to Complete Them

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Dental Treatment Plans: Don’t Take Forever to Complete Them   All to often I see new patients requiring extensive treatment to get back to a healthy condition, because they haven’t been to the dentist in many years.  Patients often tell me they stayed away from the dentist because they have been too busy to think about their teeth. Personally I believe that many people simply have a hard time confronting dental work and hope the problem will go away.  However in the case of dental care, my advice is bite the bullet...

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A new toothbrush: Quip Dentists love gadgets. True to form, I responded to a Facebook ad for a new toothbrush called Quip.  It arrived this week. I’ve only started using it and I like it a lot. The bristles are gentle and really hug the teeth. The palate tissue gets tender from the vibrations, but that is normal unless you are used to this–it will go away in a few days. I used it on my tongue and I thought it did a great job on getting my tongue clean. That’s where a lot of my coffee and cream tastes seem to hide,...

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Problems with Grinding and Heavy Bites   People with stressful jobs frequently show signs of tooth grinding. Upon dental examination, these patients may have jaw muscle pain, a sore joint (the TMJ of temporomandibular joint), worn teeth, cracked teeth, very sensitive teeth, gum recession, mobile teeth. Wow! One of the simplest solutions is to have the patient wear a bite guard. Usually it’s fitted on the upper OR lower teeth, although there are some that fit on both arches. The idea is that instead of grinding in your sleep,...

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Partial Dentures I have been a dentist for more than 30 years and have been fortunate enough to have several long- term patients throughout my tenure.  As these patients have continued to see me throughout the years, their dental conditions have changed, as well as dental technology available to help in treatment.  But through all the changes and variables, there has always been the constant goal of saving as many teeth as possible or to come up with the best solution when replacement is necessary.   Case in point: I  have a patient who...

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Dental Implant Difficulties   In 2006, a male patient age 47 presented with a fractured tooth on his upper left first molar. I sent him to my surgeon who extracted the tooth, did some bone grafting to help with any bone defects, and later had a large size implant placed in the site. A few months later I restored it with a crown, and all seemed to be fine. Four years later he appeared in my office saying that his implant fell out. This is usually a crown falling off of the implant, but in this case the implant had really fallen out. This...

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