Gum and Tooth Tonic Works!

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Gum and Tooth Tonic Works!" width="184" height="184" alt="Gum and Tooth Tonic Works!"/>

Gum and Tooth Tonic Works Well   In my office we do a non-surgical treatment of gums with a deep cleaning. These patients typically have developed gum disease with deep pocketing, inflamed gums that bleed easily plus plaque and often calculus (also known as tartar).  In other words, their teeth and gums are in pretty bad shape and our goal is to help save their teeth. The treatment involves remove this debris on the root surface down to the bone level. It can be quite uncomfortable to accomplish this and the patient usually has to be...

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Interesting Dental Case with Significant Medical History

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MEDICAL HISTORY  I recently had a patient return to my office after 12 years. At that time he needed and was treated for a deep periodontal cleaning.  Shortly thereafter he moved. Now in his late 50’s he returns to my office.  He has had HIV for some time, but he was diagnosed with a Stage 4 bone cancer which seems to be in remission.   DENTAL CONDITION However his dental condition has deteriorated considerably.  He has several missing posterior teeth on the upper left, plus...

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  Front teeth can take a beating. A knock in the face with a baseball, a hockey stick, an elbow, etc. can result in trauma from as small as a chip to a large crack on the tooth that could even involve the nerve. TREATING CHIPPED TEETH Treatment could be nothing or a filling of appropriate size.   Or it could be as extensive as a root canal or extraction on the extreme end. Adults are less prone to sports accidents, but they can have some damage done to their teeth with just routine...

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Difficulty in picking a Shade to Match Bleached Teeth

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A note on whitening before having any crowns or veneers done There is fading of the tooth color after bleaching teeth. It is unpredictable from one patient to the next how much fading to expect. Therefore, once the tooth whitening treatment concludes, the recommendation is to wait at least 2 weeks before selecting a shade of crowns or veneers to match the newly whitened teeth.  After the teeth whitening, we will schedule an appointment or at least two weeks for an examination to determine which shade of the crowns...

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A Note on Invisalign

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A note on Invisalign treatment. I have just completed my Invisalign treatment! Let me give you a little history: I had braces in junior high, which were a pain and didn’t fully do the job. And I wasn’t really satisfied with a retreatment at age 33. Recently in my 60s, with the advent of new technology, I decided to give it another go- still hoping to straighten my teeth to my satisfaction. The Invisalign treatment took roughly 9 months from start to finish. I thought the entire treatment was fast and easy. There is a tool...

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Fracture in a tooth: a case study   A patient in her 40s showed up in my office last summer. One of her complaints is that she could not chew on her lower right molar (#30), and the discomfort was persistent. I recommended that she see a root canal specialist, which she finally did almost a year later. The fracture was visible on a photo of the biting surface, and this extended to the back of the tooth between the teeth. The endodontist’s recommendation was to place a crown on the tooth, and he felt that there was a...

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Bumps in Your Mouth

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Bumps in Your Mouth   “Oh my God, there is a bump in my mouth!” There are several bumps in anyone’s mouth that are anatomical features and are supposed to be there. For example, there is a pad in the cheek called the parotid papilla. This is a flap of tissue covering the place where saliva comes out from the parotid gland, a salivary gland in the cheek. Another is a pad behind your 2 front teeth called the incisive papilla. This area contains both blood vessels and nerves. Yet another example of normal bumps, is the bumps on the...

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Mystery White Lesion in the Mouth

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Mystery White Lesion in the Mouth A 40 year old female patient recently came in to my office complaining of a white spot on her gums, lower anterior (front teeth).  She reported that when she popped it, it went away. When it came back a second time, she wisely decided to come in for a dental visit. X-rays were taken to see if this came from a tooth, but the X-ray seemed completely normal. After checking all the tissues I could see nothing.  I told her to come in if it happened again, or click a selfie of it and text it to me. A...

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New Orthodontic Technology   A recent innovation for tooth movement is called AcceleDent.   What is it? The patient will wear a mouthpiece daily for 20 consecutive minutes. Using SoftPulse technology, small vibrations or micropulses go through the mouthpiece into teeth and bone surrounding the teeth, allowing the time for tooth movement to be greatly accelerated. If you’ve ever had braces, you know that having to wear them significantly less time can be a great development! Does it work? OrthoAccel Technologies, the owner...

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Splinting Teeth

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Splinting Teeth What is “teeth splinting?” Teeth splinting is a procedure where teeth are connected together with a material which keeps them stable, minimizing any possible movement. One use is for loose teeth caused by trauma.  These teeth can be connected by placing wires on the teeth, or bonding filling material between the teeth, or bonding a tooth colored material that looks like a wire and functions in a similar way. Patients can also have advanced periodontal disease that makes the teeth loose. When these are bonded together, the...

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