Biotene Products

Biotene is a line of dental products designed for dry mouths.

(I want to point out that there is a vitamin called biotin, a B vitamin, which is completely different from Biotene.)


Dry Mouth


Radiation to the head and neck frequently damage the salivary glands to the point that the salivary gland production is diminished, causing a dry mouth.  This is a problem because the new environment may make the patient more prone to decay or soft tissue infections. Some connective tissue diseases like Sjogren’s Syndrome can also have symptoms of less saliva production.

One solution is to use Biotene to reduce the plaque in the mouth. Studies show that it does reduce plaque overall.  Biotene is not shown to reduce streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities.   However, just having a more moist environment with less overall plaque is a good thing.


Biotene products include mouthwash and toothpaste. I think these materials are more soothing than other over the counter products for patients suffering from dry mouth. There are reports of minor side effects like diarrhea and joint pain, but these are listed as less severe. If you experience these side effects, this product is not for you. I’ve had patients use this product and have reported satisfaction with the good results.