An Acknowledgement for Bio-Dent


Standard Process Vitamins makes a line of nutrition for alternative medicine. I personally see a practitioner and have been taking nutrition from this product line for many years and for various ailments.

Bio-dent is a product that, the best I can decipher, is nutrition for the nerve of the tooth. I have personally had some sensitivity, especially after dental work, and taking this every day seemed to help.

Tooth Sensitivity

About 12 years ago my patients would report sensitivity after having new composite fillings placed. This was not all the time, of course, but often enough to make me wonder how I could help them. I do go through the routine evaluation for these including checking the bite and seeing if there are any noticeable voids in the material. I have noticed that there is an increase in sensitivity when removing amalgam (silver fillings) as opposed to replacing a white filling or placing an original filling. In any case, I offered Bio-dent for these patients and had some success with the sensitivity subsiding within just a few days.

I recently gave some of this product to a patient who had sensitivity after drilling for crowns. On the day he had the crowns cemented he reported that the teeth had been sensitive with the temporaries. After having the permanent crowns cemented he reported that the Bio-dent worked within 2 days and he no longer had any sensitivity.

I want to let you know that it does not work all of the time. However, it is another tool in my armamentarium.

These products can be purchased from alternative medicine doctors, and now I can get it from