Adjustments of Teeth After Braces 

Getting my braces off was a big moment for me as a teenager. The headgear was uncomfortable, and I never did really get used to rubber bands and the like in my mouth. Even though I needed a retreatment in my early 30s, it has all been worth it.

A person works hard and goes through a lot to straighten their teeth, and getting those braces removed is a big day.  But that’s not the day when you can quit treatment completely.     When you get your braces off or complete an Invisalign treatment, it is always important to wear your retainers, pretty much full time. Teeth are actually loose when braces are removed, and they need to be set in there current desirable location which has been achieved. Failure to wear retention will allow the fibers attached to the teeth to relax and pull the teeth back closer to their original position. In other words, much of the hard-earned gain is lost. So wear those retainers!

There are some minor changes that can be accomplished when the braces are removed. If the bite is very slightly off and a tooth is hitting prematurely, the bite can be adjusted on that point so that everything feels comfortable. If there is minor spacing between the teeth, a small white filling can be placed to close up the space (the filling materials we have are very esthetic and can help a lot with this). In my case, the length of my upper front teeth was not perfect. In this case the orthodontist simply removed some of the enamel to give the teeth a pleasing shape, and that was the end of treatment. Another choice is with the Invisalign retainers, you can apply a whitening get (bleach) and whiten the teeth. The gel fits into these retaiers perfectly.

If you don’t like your teeth at the time of brace removal, you are probably not done with your treatment and need to convey your concern to the orthodontist or general dentist so that a great outcome is achieved for you.


With some dedication and a dentist you trust by your side, you can have the teeth you want.