A note on Invisalign treatment. I have just completed my Invisalign treatment! Let me give you a little history: I had braces in junior high, which were a pain and didn’t fully do the job. And I wasn’t really satisfied with a retreatment at age 33. Recently in my 60s, with the advent of new technology, I decided to give it another go- still hoping to straighten my teeth to my satisfaction. The Invisalign treatment took roughly 9 months from start to finish. I thought the entire treatment was fast and easy. There is a tool called an “Accelerator” which puts a gentle vibration through the teeth and is worn for only 5 minutes daily. This easy adjunct has cut treatment time by 50%, an awesome improvement. I was not put out at all by wearing the aligners (plastic trays which move the teeth). I get to take them out when I eat and when I’m going through my oral hygiene ritual. Other than that they stayed in. After 2 weeks of wearing my retainers full time I’ll just need to sleep in them so the teeth don’t move. For patients who have had braces in the past and experienced tooth shifting, this is a very nice and convenient way to get back a beautiful smile. It is much easier to brush and floss correctly aligned teeth, and you are less likely to develop gum disease with straightened teeth.