A new toothbrush: Quip

Dentists love gadgets. True to form, I responded to a Facebook ad for a new toothbrush called Quip.  It arrived this week.

I’ve only started using it and I like it a lot. The bristles are gentle and really hug the teeth. The palate tissue gets tender from the vibrations, but that is normal unless you are used to this–it will go away in a few days.

I used it on my tongue and I thought it did a great job on getting my tongue clean. That’s where a lot of my coffee and cream tastes seem to hide, leaving an unpleasant taste the rest of the day even if I rinse with mouthwash.

There are more perks to Quip. The toothbrush comes in an enclosed plastic case that is perfect for travelling.   The toothbrush vibrates on a AAA battery that is easy to change out.

Fresh Toothbrush

The other big bonus is that you can opt into a plan where you will be sent a new toothbrush head (which is very easy to change) along with 2 tubes of toothpaste, one travel size and the other regular. With this new way of having personal care items like razor blades shipped out on a regular schedule, this concept does a great job of conforming to the new convenient life style that many people are adopting, even a few old fogies like me. So this product is a thumbs up from me in terms of quality and concept of product. I am confident that the service that goes with it will also be top drawer. I want to add that the service is affordable, especially when compared to other items on the market. Check it out if it suits your habits and lifestyle!